Home Restoration Service

A difficult situation to be in home restoration is stripping old paint and plaster. How should you go about it, whom should you hire, are there any potential threats; are some of the questions that may have come to your mind whenever you would have thought of home restoration. But when your home is in the right hands, there is absolutely nothing you will have to worry about!

Property Restoration in Wellington

We offer wide-ranging home restoration services including full stripping for vacant, pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure properties. Our team is thoroughly experienced with the various aspects of property preservation & maintenance work. All work performed by us is first discussed and then fully documented with before, during, and after photos. With over multiple years of experience in home restoration field, our team is one of the best teams in the Wellington region.

We serve you round the clock in the Wellington area and are ably equipped with the necessary tools and machines that are needed during the end-to-end procedure, especially in times of urgency.

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