Exterior Painting

Just as make-up helps in covering up the dull spots and in adding beauty to the face, exterior painting works just like makeup for our homes and offices. We, at Viet Duc, are trying to build a world full of beautifully coloured buildings with the art of exterior painting. We have skilled craftsmen who are experts of their field and provide top notch results. Our painters use cutting-edge techniques to ensure stunning results, at a price you can afford.
Here’s how Viet Duc makes a difference:

1. Tools matter extensively- Painters associated with Viet Duc always use updated tools for completing their painting jobs. You don’t need a whole army of tools to get your painting done but what is required is quality. Our experts use fine bristle brushes and top quality rollers along with scrapers to provide quality work to our clients.

2. No more lap and brush marks- Brush strokes are the most annoying marks of all times. To avoid it, our experts start painting from the edge, then brushing down with perfect pace in the finished area. Lap marks, on the other hand, are created by dried up paint which looks quite patchy and messy. To avoid such patches, our experts work in small sections; thereby, bringing work to perfection.

3. Working with multi colours- One of the trickiest job is to work with more than a single paint shade. To avoid any colour mixing, our painters apply the second colour when the first one is completely dried.

We, at Viet Duc, have an experience of more than 10 years in the field of plastering and painting. We have exterior painted a myriads of homes, offices and other buildings in Wellington and its adjoining suburbs.