House Painter

What would you look for in a house painter before letting them walk in and start with their job? If it’s only the pricing, then you might want to reconsider your decision. However, there are other factors you must take in your stride, and to make your quest for house painter simpler, we at Viet Duc recommend ourselves for your interior and exterior house painting requirements.

Viet Duc Ltd provides professional house painting services, which are not just cost-effective but reliable and result-oriented as well.

There’s no going around customary preparation

Before we start, we treat the surface to eliminate unevenness and other imperfections in order to ensure quick and effective paint application. We scrape off existing layer of paint and apply plaster where needed. Further, we use drop sheet to cover floors, furniture, windows and other areas where you don’t want to see paint-splatter. Our Master painter will leave no stone unturned in paint preparation, such that you get the results you want to see.

Certified and Licensed Painters

We provide certified Wellington painters to ensure your peace of mind. Our painters are fully insured and duly trained to perform painting around villas, apartments, granny’s flat or any kind of residential property. We have proper safety equipment in place which enables us to reach difficult areas for seamless paint application.

We stand behind our services, which means we are ready to go to any length to fix any unattended issue and thus ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us, so we can provide a free estimate basis your budget and other preferences.

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