Industrial painting

Industry painting is different from what we usually do around commercial and residential properties. There are certain safety measures to be taken, as well as choice of paint and colours is carefully done according to the industry’s standard.

Viet Duc Ltd specialises in handling all kinds of industry painting projects, ranging from warehouse to manufacturing plants and everything in between.

We provide fully trained industry painters to meet and exceed your expectations!

Industry painting is a time-consuming process and there’s a certain level of risk associated with the job; therefore, it should never be taken lightly or delegated to inexperienced painters.

Viet Duc Ltd is a certified painting company that has the commercial license and all other legal requisites for industry painting. Undoubtedly, we deserve to be your first choice.

We value your time and money

We make sure to complete the project on time and within the specified budget, so that there are no unhappy customers at the end of the day.

We understand that industry painting is a tough nut to crack and so do we come fully prepared with the right tools and safety equipment. We would also like to mention here that we have handled several similar projects in the past and our clients couldn’t be happier with the results. So, we are confident to deliver on your expectations as well.

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