School Painting and Maintain

Viet Duc is one of the leading painting and plastering companies which provide great craftsmanship and customised services to the clients as per their needs. We, at Viet Duc, believe that a happy customer can alone be the reason of the success of a company and that is why they are the real inspiration and motivation for us. We provide special painting services for schools and also take care of their proper maintenance. Take a look below to know more about services for schools.

1. Beautiful colours- Kids brighten up our lives, so in return we have decided to brighten up theirs. We have a whole different range of paint colours which are designed specially for kids. These colours are bright, vibrant and fun just like the kids which keep them away from dull vibes all day long.
2. Quality products- We are famous for providing quality products but when it comes to kids, we pay special attention to the quality. We make sure that our paints, in no way, cause any harm to the kids. They don’t even smell bad like some other paints and are safe to be used in school.
3. Innovative designs- One of the things that kids hate the most is to get bored and that is why we make sure that it never happens. We provide funky and innovative designs to create a conducive environment for kids; thus, helping them in focusing better on their studies and other activities.

We, at Viet Duc, have skilled painters on board who make sure that they complete their task in the best way possible. We have been painting Wellington’s schools successfully for more than 10 years. In case of any queries, you can fill out our online form or speak to one of our experts over phone.